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Got streaks? We can help! Our roof cleaning service can restore your existing roof and make it look new again. Don’t make the costly mistake of prematurely replacing your dirty streaked roof with a brand new one when you can get your roof washed for a fraction of the cost of a new one. Not only will this service visually make your roof look new again, it will also increase your roofs life span. 

Coastline Power Wash’ safe low-pressure roof cleaning method removes ugly algae, lichen and moss growth from your roof shingles. Be wary of pressure washing companies claiming they can “pressure wash your roof.”  This is so important because in most cases your roof is just dirty, infested with the growth of algae, mildew, and lichen that feeds on the moisture buildup and the limestone granuals in your roof.

High-pressure power washing may temporarily remove the stains and streaks but it will also damage your roof and your roofs life span and goes against the recommend manufacturer method of cleaning your roof. 

Not only is our soft wash roof cleaning method safe and effective, it’s recommended by roofing manufacturers and insurance companies. Did you know that having your roof properly cleaned using our roof cleaning process can help lower your power bill as well? When your roof becomes infested with black streaks, your roof is no longer able to properly reflect the UV rays because the algae produces a thick layer over your roof and instead, keeps those UV rays trapped and built up into your attic which in turn wrecks havoc on your A/C unit trying to cool down your home. 

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